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Raised Medal Mount - wood grained acrylic

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Do you or a loved one participate in events that award medals? 
It can be a challenge to figure out how you want to display them.
We are do the Conqueror Challenges and since we put the work in, we don't want to save the medals in a drawer somewhere.
The ribbons on our medals are very nice so we found this medal mounting system that allows the medals to be displayed and you get to see some of the ribbon as well.
Being a hexagon, you have plenty of options for how you want to organize them on your wall.
For ours, we suggest mounting them with a Command Strip velcro mounting strip (not included)  to not have to put any holes in the wall.
Since the front panel is held by magnets, you can move them around after the base is mounted

This mount has four layers of MDF to build the foundation, with an acrylic top layer. The hexagons are thee inches on a side.
The mount weighs 3.5 ounces (107g).
We do include suggestions for feeding the ribbon through the face of the top layer.
as there are a couple of ways that you may wish to put your medal on to get the best view for your eye.

It must be said, you will need to earn your own medals, those below are not included. :-)